My Hobbies Are My Habbits

This is my life.

My hobbies are my habits.
Writing develops within me a careful voice,
Reading develops within me a powerful mind,
Filming develops within me a sensitive point of view,
Editing develops within me creative sensibility,
Training develops within me an unbreakable will,
Stretching develops within me a flexibile spirit,
Playing develops within me spontaneous rhythm,
Singing develops within me a brave soul,
Thinking develops within me critical awareness,
Imagining develops within me boundless experience,
These are my ethics.
All these things develop for me a life worth living,
and a life worth sharing.
These things give me all the tools I’ll ever need;
To participate fully in this life.
As far as I know. In this moment.

I wrote this as a way to reinforce for myself the idea that the skills I practice will eventually converge and become mutually beneficial, each and every piece of the puzzle is important because even if there are one thousand pieces the product is incomplete if you’re missing only one.

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