How to let go of old beliefs.



How to let go of old beliefs.

I think it’s fair to say that when we’re raised we form a set of beliefs. There are many contributing factors, parenting, personal interests, friends and educators. Your experience in life will determine what you believe and how you believe it.

What’s been happening in your life and how do you react to it. It’s different for everyone. Can you define your beliefs? or do they inhabit you without your being aware?

Our beliefs determine our behavior; If I want to develop as a writer but I believe that I’m not good with words then I’ll never be able to take action.

If I believe in God and for that reason live by certain principles then I wouldn’t consider swaying from that path, at least while I strongly believe.

But what if one day while pondering the meaning of life we decide that a set of beliefs isn’t working anymore. We want to abandon those beliefs and form new ones.

What if we want to understand our naturally formed beliefs so we might have a little more control over our lives?

Well, in order to do that we have to investigate our pasts and put ourselves into perspective. We’ve each experienced different lives and so we’ve each come to be unique in that while we might be able to agree, most of us have a completely authentic set of beliefs.

Ask yourself. What did your parents believe? What did your educators believe and what do your friends believe? Do you have the same beliefs as them? Maybe you’ve inherited all of your beliefs from those around you and have yet to form your own.

It’s during this type of reflection and questioning that you can start to decide for yourself where you agree and disagree with the world around you and you can go on to begin forming and becoming your own idea. So you have a point of view that only you can form.

When young elephants are being trained (something that drives me nuts anyway) they are often tied to a pole by rope. When they’re young their to weak to break the rope but when they grow into full size elephants, obviously, they have the strength to break the rope with ease. However, they know from their younger years that they cannot break the rope. So they never try.

They carry the belief that they cannot break the rope into adulthood and so they are bound for life.

Are you a baby elephant? bound for life?

Think about it. 😉

Find and define your beliefs so you can be the change you want to see in the world. 😀


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