Everyone in life has a story

It’s true. In almost all cases that story can be more intense and difficult than any of us realize.
Christmas eve three years ago I was at home in my room when my dad came in and told me “Isaac is dead.” To which I could only cringe and hope that my cousin (his mother) wouldn’t react to extremely. The boy was only a couple of years old and it happened out of circumstance, but the pain it caused my family and the psychological changes that occurred were extreme none the less.
This was a dark mark in the history of my cousin who’d already had a difficult life in the first place. Compared to her, I’ve basically lived in heaven.
How much differently we’re each raised, how much differently we all experience life cannot be underestimated. We’ve all had our fair share of life. Some of us experience it more deeply than others.
This is why it’s impossible and completely illogical to judge someone based on their presence or their character.
When you’re around someone who is suicidal it’s most likely that you would never know. Maybe you tell a joke that edges them further into the abyss, you would have no idea because they would never tell you.
Take the time to understand and open up to those around you. Everyone has their own story.
A man on a train was watching the clouds drift by, shouting in excitement. “Look at the clouds, LOOK, It’s amazing” when someone nearby angrily asked him to retain his excitement. Little did that person know that the excited man was coming from the hospital after having an operation in which his blindness was cured. He was seeing the clouds for the first time.
Everyone reacts to life based on their experience and circumstances. Don’t ever judge, instead be investigative and try to comprehend someones behavior before giving advice and demands.
You might find that we, people, tend to have a natural gift to sense out what kind of storms are brewing in the hearts of our brothers and sisters.
Caleb Mann — Keeping life in perspective.

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