Why Efficiency is Rule #1

Rule #1. Efficiency. Why efficiency? Because with it we can set any goal and perceive the fastest and highest quality pathway to walk in order to begin moving closer and closer to our desired outcome.

Close your eyes, imagine, in front of you there are countless strings reaching out into darkness. The strings are flowing in the wind and weaving in and out.
One of these strings is your destiny. You have to reach out and grab one in order to choose which path you’ll take. The string you grab is like an assignment. So be careful… if you grab the right string it will turn red and you’ll know you’ve chosen the right path.

However, if the string stays white… you’ll be lost forever in the land of strings (you may never find your path).
In life we have to choose our paths very carefully and taking the time to develop an efficient character will be central to which path you choose.
So how do we learn efficiency?

In order to be efficient we have to develop a perspective, a sensibility. You have to know what you want. It might come down to defining yourself, who do you want to be? What do you want to focus on in life? How can you be most helpful?
By knowing what you want and having a strong point of view (being really picky, but in a good way) you can start to observe and cross out the strings in string world until you’ve narrowed them down to just a few.

“Not this string, nope, this ones bad, ehhh maybe.. I’ll come back to this one. AHA, this… this is the one!”
It’s a form of self editing.

It’s about intuition and knowing what is on the other end of that string.

Here’s the catch. You have to be able to see into the future.

I’m serious about that too.

Everyone thinks this is impossible, but we’re actually the only living organisms able to construct alternate realities in our heads. So, through practice and gaining experience we can use these imaginative playgrounds in order to test different paths.

Okay okay, no we can’t see into the future, we can take the best guess but it’s never 100% accurate. We can know how people will react to things and we can also take historical references as examples. If we know that successful people have common habits, what are those habits? You then make these good habits a part of your life.
Back to the strings…

If you don’t like what you see at the end of your current path or the paths most immediately accessible to you than you have to create for yourself opportunities so that there are more strings to choose from.

Which means you have to do something new, something that you’ve never done before.
You have to leave your comfort zone.

In order to develop an efficient character you have to be able to leave your comfort zone. There are people everyday doing things that for many of us are impossible and that’s because either out of coincidence or sheer will power they’ve imagined for themselves a different world than we are familiar with.

So we have to test different worlds, this is all apart of growing up and deciding what you want to be in life. Although the way most of us have been put through it was completely inefficient and in a lot of cases completely disastrous to any young, flexible and adaptable spirit. (We need serious education reformation for the future.)

Once you begin to form an idea of exactly what you want out of life. You can begin to see clearly which path to take in order to live what you’ve defined as a meaningful and prolific life.
To be prolific is to be constantly engaged in and producing the work that you’re most passionate about. It doesn’t have to be good, it just has to be consistently getting better.
Here are some ways you can practice efficiency…

Develop one new habit over the course of twenty four days, because they say it takes twenty four days of consistently doing something in order to make it a habit. One of the first habits I made routine for myself was meditation/reflection.

When you’ve successfully integrated one conscious habit into your life, double the next round. Add two new habits. My example; I’m a rock climber so I started doing one hundred pull ups and five minutes of hang time in intervals throughout the day in order to develop my athletic strength. This was a hugely beneficial addition to my already very demanding routine.
Say no when you don’t want to do something. PLEASE. A lot of people need this one. For some reason, many people are uncomfortable with saying no. NO. If you were planning on finally sitting down and writing that article tonight don’t let anyone distract you from your agenda. Be picky about who and what gets your time because time is valuable and we only have so much to accomplish our goals.

To conclude; Pure will, free from purpose, delivered from the lust of result is in every way perfect.
Once you’ve found your will power by forming your own life habits and saying no to things you don’t want and yes to things you know you do want, you will WILL life to happen in front of your eyes, because when you’re driven by a strong and pure will to make something happen it eventually does.
Peace 😀 :O 😉

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