Depression Saved My Life.

The truth is. Life isn’t easy.

As infants we wake up to the world, and we’re suddenly thrown into an ever changing, chaotic and unstable environment where we grow up, play and work. An environment that influences our universal mindset, an environment that we’re each automatically expected to adapt to. 

If we zoom in we notice each individual struggling to adapt to the life they’ve been given. Every one of us experiences this struggle, a struggle for identity, a struggle for hopes and dreams, for most, a struggle for survival. We all dream of a future but we know that on their most fundamental level dreams are just fabricated visions of desire, still, we believe in them anyway because if there is any truth in life it’s that we were born to dream.

It’s no wonder why once in a while one of us will be faced with a dreamed up realization that his or her life is somehow meaningless, because in the larger scheme of things we all know that we are faced with an abstract truth that we are all a single part of a whole unit. Right now, half of the world is sleeping, when we go to sleep they will wake up and operate the other side of the earth until it rotates enough for this side to wake up again.

We’re all doing the same thing daily and we all, while unique in our own right are pursuing the same fundamental idea which is to live a fulfilling life.
A daunting glimpse into what life is for most of us. A walk of fear, normally a slow walk that helps us stay close to our most comfortable lifestyle. Deep down, many of us feel that way even though you would never see that from the outside. 

We all have goals, no matter how small. Daily, we’re seeking out ways to connect with one another and form new friendships… Every day, we’re thinking up ways we can make our lives better. 
Sometimes that takes the form of friendship or romance, for some people it’s about money or professional status, for others, it’s all about that ripped body and getting laid. It all depends on what you see as being important. I see this message as being important because I hope that it makes someones life just a little better, even if it’s for just a moment. Because that starts them on a slightly brightened path.

But, a walk is a walk. If you don’t have an idea of what’s important, then you’re more likely to place importance on things that will do damage to you over time, which is one way to get to depression.

With that in mind, we’re all faced with unique obstacles to overcome and tragedies that we don’t fully understand. It’s when we discover that we might not be able to cope that many of us experience depressive emotions.
If there’s an impossible obstacle. Or a tragedy so heartbreaking that you think you’re left without a heart completely. Even if you’re just not confident about who you are, it could lead to depression, and it’s for good reason. Our depression is justified.

With a depression comes a deeper self questioning. Actually, it’s in that depression where we’re more likely to ask the important questions to ourselves. Want to know how to solve depression? embrace it, let it consume you and let it change who you are. If you don’t, you’ll always find yourself in the same boat.

With depression comes self exploration. We start to ask ourselves questions such as, “am I living my life?” or “why am I so sad?”

A depression is a questioning of your future. A complete questioning that actually makes you scared for your life. Scared of pursuing your identity any further.

There are three million people per year “diagnosed” with depression. Three million normal people who are likely experiencing a difficult patch in their life labeled with a brain disorder. Well, I think that there are many more than that who experience it. I think it’s most of the population. People aren’t jolly about their lives on a day to day bases, I hardly know anyone who’s actually like that when they’re home alone.

Depression is in no way a disease. It’s an existential crisis, it’s not something that requires medication. It requires reflection and a willingness to understand your life. To devise a meaning and to make the necessary changes. Everyone is in pursuit of meaning, of a comfortable self definition.

No matter what age you are, don’t put yourself through consistent depression, listen to that voice. If you need to get away from a certain group of friends than go to someone who you can trust and just spend more time with them.

When it’s not that easy, when there’s nothing you can do. You have to find peace with your circumstances, but don’t justify anything. Simply reinforce the idea that everyone has their own version of what you’re going through, so you’re not alone, acknowledge what you have and just think the thought of improving it little by little every day by doing something that’s important to you.

If your an artist, then draw, if your a musician then play music if you’re a cook. Go make some good food. If you’re a sailor, go sailing. If you need inspiration then find it in the world.
Here’s some truth. Many of the skills that I’ve developed over the past few years have been developed by this very system. I learned how to compose music with many instruments during a time when I needed a way to truthfully communicate with myself because depression was heavy on my spirit and I was alone.
I learned how to use a camera because I was depressed about my future.

I started training for higher levels of rock climbing because I was depressed about never having reached my athletic limits. 
If we can channel our depression into creation we can learn how to interpret our feelings and create something from those feelings that can inspire other people.
That’s my goal with this piece.

Next time you’re feeling depressed, just go with the flow. There’s nothing wrong with you, in fact, your programmed this way. It’s a survival mechanism and only people who have big hearts and strong minds can feel depressed. You’re right to question yourself and others in the world around you.
Take the gifts you’ve been given and run with them.

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