The Cormax Perspective – Can you Imagine a God?

Imagine a god. Disclaimer. I do not own this material, this came to me from an unknown source. It’s very important that you understand this.
I don’t want to scare you, but I want to open your eyes. Think for a moment, repeat after me. “I can hear my own thoughts.”
“I can hear my own thoughts”
“I can hear my own thoughts”
Keep going.
“I can hear my own thoughts”
“I can hear my own thoughts”
Okay stop.
Seriously, stop, don’t think about anything.
“don’t think about anything”
grr. SHHHHH…
Okay, now close your eyes.
No peaking.
Try to imagine the sun. Imagine your hovering just outside of the Suns atmosphere. Yes the sun does have an atmosphere.
You’re probably imagining a small yellow ball right in the center of your imagination. Well that’s just a bad guess. Try again. The sun is much larger than that. Remember 1,300,000 earths can fit into the sun.
Also it’s actually every color, not just yellow, orange, or red…
Okay Imagine…
(How is this possible. How can it be every color. I’m at the edges of my imagination here!)
Try again.
Can you feel the intense heat on your skin?
Oh you forgot about that did you.
Try again.
You’re just floating in space. Witnessing this massive star. It stretches as far as the eye can see in any direction, up down left right. It burns at 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit and its made of every color. (although it burns so bright it appears to be white from space)
The size, the heat, the magnificence. Can you comprehend it?
Can you f***ing comprehend it?
Use every bit of imagination you can muster in order to try for just a second to comprehend it. You really have to focus, close your eyes and focus!!!
I don’t know about you, but hovering on the edge of the sun makes me feel pretty powerful. Just trying to imagine something so incomprehensible and knowing that it actually exists can do something to the person that takes an exercise like this seriously.
Without the sun, there would be no life. It brought us into being with the perfect ingredients, like fucking chickens we came into existence. Why chickens? why not chickens.?
The sun is our creator, all hail the sun.
Seriously !
But why can’t we accurately imagine it. We know its there, it hangs over our head 92.96 million miles away. We know it weighs 4.9 nonillion pounds. Wtf is nonillion!? How much is that? We can’t comprehend it.
But we know it exists.
Want me to take this a step further?
There are so many of these incomprehensible suns out there that the only way to describe the number is to say “one with twenty-four zeros after it.”
My point with all of this…
There are things which exist that we cannot imagine, and there are things we can imagine the cannot exist. Does that mean our imaginations are wrong? If we cannot imagine what actually exists but we can imagine things that don’t exist then are we not made to imagine the impossible and question our reality?
Remember. The sun is our creator. I see the sun as being similar to the eye in Lord of the rings, us being the goblins which he’s creating to do his dirty work. Like electricity the Sun sends us fuel for consciousness and it does it in a way we cannot understand.
If that is true. If we are being fueled by the universe in order to live…
Are we not the consciousness of the universe?
In order to, type these lines, in order to shoot this video, in order for me to spread this message to you.
Are we not the consciousness of the universe?
Imagine a god.
When I imagine a god, I see the sun. I feel it’s heat.
The sun is fueling us for a reason.
There’s a 1 in 400 quadrillion chance that any one of us should be alive today.
From the moment there was space, to the first atoms, the first galaxies and stars, the formation of our solar system, earth, life on earth, the evolution of man, the evolution of thought, the evolution of invention, thus the evolution of you and me, the evolution of society. Operating from these balls of consciousness built by the incomprehensible agenda of our sun and organized into a perfectly connected network of trillions and trillions of atoms which are themselves like small suns working in coordination with the massive suns themselves to animate us, the inhabitants of this middle sized realm… the billions of conscious beings that operate in the realm of the medium.
Two extremes that make us possible.
Living in this perfectly middle sized realm. We’re the balance and it’s only with both extremes that we can exist.
Now, Imagine a god.
Our imaginations have given us a platform to begin comprehending space.
Space is made to be filled.
What are the limits of human imagination.
How much have we evolved compared to how much we will evolve.
Perhaps the very bodies we all carry around today will one day be reformed to match the requirements made by space. Just as we were brought up to land, perhaps one day we will be brought up into the stars.
Our very existence is impractical, so stop worrying about practicality.

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